Flinn Fagg, AICP, joined the City of Palm Springs in September 2014 as currently serves as the Director of Development Services. He previously served as the Planning Director for the City of Las Vegas and as an urban planner and designer for several cities in Florida. Flinn has been a member of the American Planning Association (APA) since 1994 and received his AICP certification in 1998. He served on the board of the City Planning and Management Division of the APA from 2012 to 2016, and previously served as the Director of the Southern Section of the Nevada Chapter of the APA. Flinn is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He obtained his Master of Architecture degree at the University of Miami, specializing in urban design and traditional neighborhood development. In his spare time, he actively competes in cycling, swimming, and running events.



In a perfect world you can develop the skills you need to successfully lead a division or department over time. Those skills can then be used as a foundation to successfully lead an entire organization. Sometimes we do not get that opportunity and by our own choice, or someone else’s, we are thrust into a leadership position. Let’s say you wake up on Monday morning and you are now a Department Head, what do you do? How do you accomplish your tasks and goals, especially when your peers are involved?

This course is designed to help participants understand the motivations and tendencies of peer Department Heads, and how to use the information to better effect change. Additionally, we will delve into thinking like a leader and managing up.