Anton Gunn is a former senior advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority of Socially Conscious Leadership. Anton has a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina and was a Resident Fellow at Harvard. He is the bestselling author of The Presidential Principles and has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall St Journal, INC Magazine, BBC, NPR and on Good Morning America.

From playing SEC football and being the first African American in history elected to the South Carolina legislature from his district early in his career, to now working as a C-level executive for an academic health system and serving on multiple boards, he has spent his life helping people build diverse high performing teams and world class leadership culture.



The greatest organizations in America have three things in common; they have great leaders, great teams, and great workplace culture. These three things lead to satisfied customers and excellent financial outcomes. The problem today is that too many executives have collectively taken their eye off these three things. Instead, they have allowed unfairness, incivility, and injustice from the outside world spread like cancer throughout their workforce. Global pandemics, structural racism, civil unrest, economic calamity, and other catastrophic events are just a few of the potential crises that can devastate a workplace. This can result in low morale, low productivity, high turnover, and toxic workplace culture. According to SHRM, American employers lost $223 Billion over five years due to toxic workplace culture. Anton Gunn has identified the solution to ending problems in the workplace and recreating the environment that builds world-class culture with diverse, high-performing teams and great leaders that everyone can admire. This environment will lead to higher engagement, increased productivity, and a culture that will inspire your leaders to focus on the mission that will drive the margins.